Q: What materials work best for a cloth mask?

A: The CDC suggests using two layers of tightly woven 100% cotton fabric. Mad Mask has two layers of pure cotton and a third layer of polyester.

Q: When is it important to wear a mask?

A: The CDC recommends wearing cloth face masks in public settings where it can be hard to stay six feet away from others, like grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare settings, job sites, and public transit. This is critical in areas where community-based transmission is high.

Q: Can face masks protect me from the COVID-19?

A: A cloth face mask won't totally block the coronavirus, but it’s an added layer of protection for you and everyone around you. It should be used together with regular hand washing and social distancing measures.

Q: How important are face masks?

A: As businesses reopen and employees return to work, masks will be critical in helping to block the spread of the COVID-19. The more people in a given space wearing masks, the fewer viral droplets will make into the space around them, decreasing exposure and risk. 

Q: Do you have safety tips for cloth masks?

A: Yes, please see our best practices below.

  1. Use proper hand hygiene each time you touch your face mask.
  2. Put on and take off the mask by holding the ear loops, not by touching the front of the mask.
  3. Make sure the face mask fits snugly and the straps fit securely over your ears.
  4. Avoid touching the mask while it’s on your face.
  5. Wash your mask after each use. You can hand wash or put the mask in the washer, the latter is what the CDC recommends. Then, you can let it air dry or put it in the dryer on the hot setting to help kill any potentially remaining particles.

Q: What are some of the key advantages with your non-medical face masks or face coverings?

A: Mad Mask are carefully designed for the following:

  1. Allow for easy breathing
  2. Fit securely to the face with elastic ear loops
  3. Maintain their shape after washing and drying
  4. Comfortable without requiring frequent adjustment
  5. Triple layer protection with tightly woven pure cotton and polyester
  6. Comfortably cover the nose and mouth
  7. Fashionable V-style cut